Active Probiotics

Take control of your digestive health with Gold Medal Labs Active Probiotics.

Gold Medal Labs — Active Probiotics Health Benefits

  • Supports a healthy gut and digestive tract *
  • Supports healthy nutrient absorption *
  • Supports your bodies immune system *

Active Probiotics Are

  • A unique combination of live microorganisms and enzymes that keep your digestive system working at its best
  • scientifically-formulated and designed to help restore and maintain a healthy digestive system
  • may help with weight loss
  • 40 billion CFU’s of high quality active probiotics per 2 capsules from 4 different probiotic strains of healthy good bacteria


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Take control of your digestive health with Gold Medal Labs Active Probiotics.

Gold Medal Labs – Active Probiotics Health Benefits

  • Supports a healthy gut and digestive tract *
  • Supports healthy nutrient absorption *
  • Supports your bodies immune system *

Active Probiotics Are

  • A unique combination of live microorganisms and enzymes that keep your digestive system working at its best
  • scientifically-formulated and designed to help restore and maintain a healthy digestive system
  • may help with weight loss
  • 40 billion CFU’s of high quality active probiotics per 2 capsules from 4 different probiotic strains of healthy for you bacteria.

Benefit of probiotics

These strains of probiotics will help break down toxins in the gastrointestinal tract, helping you achieve a healthy, normal GI tract.

The strains have been shown to be beneficial for the immune and digestive system. This in turn is good for your overall health.

Active Probiotics contains live, active organisms that will assist in the absorption of food and nutrients. This will help provide a natural defense against harmful (Pathogens) bacteria.

These live organisms may be able to protect you from an upset stomach, diarrhea, indigestion or other minor illnesses caused by an out of balance floral biome.

A powerful, all-natural digestive system enhancer designed to help rebuild your “gut’s” healthy bacterial balance and help support your bodies natural defense mechanisms.

Why Gold Medal Labs is different from most others?

Gold Medal Labs – Active Probiotics is a blend of 4 highly potent strains of beneficial for you bacteria designed for both Men, Women and young adults.

Our Active Probiotics are designed to be taken daily on a regular basis. Every serving contains vital nutrients and probiotics that when taken correctly will help maintain your healthy intestinal flora of bacteria.*

Active Probiotics include four different types of probiotics strains that are known to support overall digestive health.

Gold Medal Labs 40 Billion CFU Active Probiotics Pills are a powerful blend of four probiotic strains of live organisms that have been specifically selected and cultured for their powerful probiotic effects. These strains include Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus paracasei. These are the best probiotics for your overall gut health.

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus La-14
    • Supports Women’s Health
    • Reduce Cholesterol
    • Reduce Diarrhea
  • Bifidobacterium lactis Bl-04
    • Supports Respiratory Health
  • Lactobacillus plantarum Lp-115
    • Suppress Gas and Helps With IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome)
  • Lactobacillus paracasei Lpc-37
    • Supports Stress Relief and Increased Cognitive Function

Higher CFU’s (Colony Forming Units) counts do not necessarily mean they are the best probiotic or more potent than lower ones. To get the benefit of probiotics the type, quality, and protection from acids maters more than the CFU count.

Our Active Probiotics are protected by the Maktrek® Bi-pass system. They are coated by an extract of Brown Seaweed called Marine Polysaccharide and Fructooligosaccharide which provide food for the probiotics and provide a protective barrier against your stomach acids and bile fluids. This protective layer allows more beneficial microorganism to survive the digestive process.

Once the capsule is swallowed, it will come in contact with the stomach acid then the bile fluids. The acid will then dissolve the capsule but the complex marine polysaccharides will protect the bacteria. It forms a secondary internal capsule protecting the living probiotic cells from the acid and bile long enough for the probiotic cells to make it to the intestinal tract.

When the probiotics combine with your already existing bacteria, they will be able to help help maintain the optimum bacteria level. *

The Gold Medal Labs Guarantee:

  • Manufactured: In the USA 🇺🇸
  • Guaranteed Shelf Stable : Our Active Probiotics do not require refrigeration just keep at room temperature for full potency until expiration date.
  • USA Based Customer Support : Gold Medal Labs staff is available to answer any of your questions that you may have about our dietary supplements.
  • Quality : tested by 3rd party companies for quality and potency.
  • FDA and GMP Compliant : Because our customer safety is important to us, our products are manufactured according to the FDA standards of manufacturing practices.
  • Customer Satisfaction : Our products are backed with a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

How long does it take probiotics to work?

It depends on the condition of your gut and the quality of the probiotics you’r taking.  We suggest following the directions bellow.

When Is The Best Time To Take Active Probiotics?

As a dietary supplement, take two (2) capsules once daily.

Better Results: take one (1) capsule during the day and one (1) capsule in the evening. Repeat the process daily.

Best Results: take the capsules 30 minutes before your meals with at least 10 oz (ca. 378 g) of water. Optimally you should not eat or drink anything for at least an hour before taking your probiotics. This ensures your stomach acid levels are at there lowest and can help ensure that more bacteria survive and colonize your gut, where they can support your overall gut health and immunological system.*

Do not exceed two capsules per day.

While it is very rare, there is a possibility of you having an adverse issue when taking Active Probiotics within the first few days of use. We advise the 1st time you take our Active Probiotics you set aside 12-24 hours just in case it triggers an allergic reaction, mild stomach upset, abdominal pain, diarrhea, flatulence (passing gas) and or bloating. You are introducing new beneficial bacteria to your gut and it will take your body a period of time to adjust. The new bacteria will help clean your intestinal tract out and keep it clean. If you do have mild stomach upset, abdominal pain, diarrhea, flatulence (passing gas) and or bloating you may want to try a 1/2 serving once every other day for a week or two and allow your body adjusts to the new bacteria. Doing this will help alleviate any symptoms.

If you experience an allergic reaction, you may need to contact a healthcare professional and discontinue use of the product. If you have any underling medical conditions please consult your doctor before using any Gold Medal Labs products.

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are a fusion between live helpful bacteria and yeasts. There are trillions of bacteria living in the human body, especially in your digestive system. All the bacteria are part of your human micro biome.

Because the news has sensationalized the bad bacteria that causes illness and disease. Most people have negative thoughts when they think of bacteria. We typically think of bacteria as germs that cause illnesses and disease, but your body is full of both good and harmful bacteria. Probiotics are good sources of bacteria because they help keep your gut in good health. They are made up of a variety of microorganisms.

To put it Simply, probiotics are helpful bacteria.

These healthy, bacteria live in your gut and help keep you healthy by keeping harmful bacteria under control. Probiotics have changed the way we view our health. Now, these ‘good’ bacteria are being shown to modify our immune systems and affect our metabolism and digestion.

These bacteria help to improve digestion, nutrition, nutrient absorption from foods, synthesis of vitamins, immunity and allergies. New research indicates that they may also play a role in preventing chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer. They also help stabilize your gut after antibiotic use.

Improved digestion is a benefit of probiotics

The delicate balance of bacteria that lives in the gut is a complicated system that’s not yet fully understood. This system can be disrupted by taking antibiotic’s, medication’s, stress, and unhealthy diets. What we do know is that probiotics are beneficial for our overall health and help to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Even though there is a lot of research on how our micro biome works that still needs to be completed we do know that probiotics are a great first step to keeping your digestive system and your body’s natural defenses in good shape.

How do probiotics work?

The main job of probiotics, or beneficial bacteria, is to maintain a healthy balance in your body by supporting your immune functions and controlling inflammation. When you are not at your best, bad microbes is able to multiply easily. This takes your body out of balance. With the help of probiotics the good bacteria works to fight off the bad bacteria and restore the balance within, making you feel better and keeping the harmful (pathogens) bacteria contained.

Research has found specific strains are able to help with specific issues.

Health Benefits of Probiotics

More and more doctors are recommending probiotic supplements for disorders because conventional medicine is unable to cure underlying issues. There are numerous clinical studies conducted by researchers that suggest probiotic therapy can help treat:

  • allergies in children
  • reduce blood pressure
  • reduce cholesterol
  • several gastrointestinal illnesses
  • treat and prevent vaginal and urinary infections
  • weight loss as part of a comprehensive program

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Probiotics?

Different strains of the probiotic bacteria have different effects, therefore not all probiotics are the same. For example, one strain may stop cavity causing organisms in your mouth and it will not need to survive past you mouth while another strain may need to make it deep into your intestines, so it can aid in digestion and nutrient absorption. Choosing the correct one is vital.

Do Probiotics Really Work?

We think so, Researchers in a 2018 clinical trial shows that people who consumed a high-dose probiotic for 12 weeks had significantly fewer upper respiratory infections than a placebo group.

How do Active Probiotics work?

Our lower gastrointestinal (GI) tract requires a balance of healthy bacteria for optimal food digestion and to protect against overgrowth of unwanted microbes.

When our natural levels of bacteria are in balance, our immune defense system is able to function at an optimal level. This balanced level leads to a healthier body.

Probiotics support your micro biome in your digestive system. They help your body to absorb nutrients from the digestive tract and to synthesize certain key vitamins.*

Where do beneficial probiotics (microbes) live in my body?

They live in the gut, mouth, vagina, and urinary tract, and skin. The most beneficial microbes are mostly in the small and large intestine.

What are the benefits of taking probiotics?

Most nutrient absorption happens in the small intestine. This is where your good bacteria breaks down food into nutrients that can be used by your body. Better digestion of food is not the only benefit of probiotics. In fact, probiotics can do everything from boost your mood, improve your skin, and create a stronger healthier immune response.

Approximately 70% of your bodies immune system is found in the gut. The bacteria in your body help your body in many ways, including fighting off bad strains of bacteria, processing toxins, destroy disease-causing cells, aid in digesting food, and creating vitamins.

There are numerous scientific studies that provide evidence of the benefits gained from taking specific bacteria types. There are even studies that have shown you can treat and even prevent some illnesses with these bacteria. These bacteria can be found in different types of foods including fermented foods and yogurts. The problem is most people do not eat enough good probiotic foods, so supplementation becomes a necessity.

Research shows probiotic bacteria can help in the treatment or prevention of many disorders like the following:

  • Acid Reflux *
  • Crohn’s Disease *
  • Diarrhea *
  • Eczema in Children*
  • Gastrointestinal Disorder *
  • H. Pylori (the Cause of Ulcers) *
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease *
  • Inflammatory Disease *
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome *
  • Lactose Intolerance *
  • Recurrence of Bladder Cancer *
  • Ulcerative Colitis *
  • Urinary Tract Infections *
  • Vaginal Infections *
  • Weight Management *Multiple Other Digestive Disorders *

A survey in the US recently found: –

  • 27% of consumers who purchased probiotic products did so in order to boost their immune system
  • 18% cited illness prevention as their reason for purchase
  • 15% were looking to counter antibiotic associated side effects

Should you take a daily probiotic supplement?

Don’t I Get Enough Probiotics From Food?

If you’ve taken antibiotic’s recently or if your diet doesn’t include eating enough probiotic rich foods like aged cheeses, fermented foods, Kefir, kimchi, kombucha, miso, natto, olives, pickles, pickled vegetables, sauerkraut, tempeh, or yogurt you should probably take a daily probiotics supplements.

Probiotics are good for your gut and immune system. Finding the right quality of probiotics matters. Supplements and Probiotics are not regulated as closely as medications. This means the quality and ingredients can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Gold Medal Labs prides its self in providing the highest quality probiotics, vitamins, and supplements. We manufacture all our products in an FDA registered facility and all our supplements are manufactured in accordance with GMP manufacturing standards . Every product also carries a certificate of analysis from an independent third-party lab indicating that it is safe. We stand behind our product and assure their quality.

Are Their Benefits of Probiotics for weight loss?

Taking the probiotics for weight loss could be beneficial by keeping your body from storing as much excess fat. May cause reduced appetite which can help you to eat fewer calories and will help with weight loss along with nutrition absorption benefit of probiotics.

Are Active Probiotics Right For You?

In some cases, probiotics from your regular diet may not be enough to support and maintain a healthy digestive system.

  • Do you need to supplement your diet with higher concentrations of healthy for you bacteria?
  • Do you want to improve your digestive functions and overall health?

Is your gut micro biome is out of balance because of any combination of factors including but not limited to age, diet, environment, genes, medication, etc…

Then your body may be suffering from a range of health problems that probiotics could help.


Gold Medal Labs – Active Probiotics could be the right choice for you.


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